10 Best SEO tips for more traffic

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10 Best SEO tips for more traffic


SEO is a very dynamic and changing field. A lot of things have changed since the inception of SEO Marketing. And there’s a lot of actionable SEO tips out there.

However, basic fundamental rules remain unchanged.

For instance, improving organic rankings with targeted keywords is no longer works but choosing the right keywords is still fundamental for SEO tips and tricks.

Here are some Fundamental rules and 10 Best SEO tips for more traffic that will lead to results.


Content is the real king in any website. Putting right and exact content on the website yield more traffic. For that matter, you must post relevant and interesting content on your website. It is more important for the engagement of users.

You should check your competitor’s blog and its content. It is not necessary to make an exact copy of his blog but you can add your knowledge and improvement to a certain topic.

Always pay attention to the trending topics of your field. Make knowledgeable posts on such topics and use the edge of early posting on such topics. Try to make more posts on the trending topic if it hits and make it more traffic seeker.

Make your own content. Post regularly on your expert field. Stay updated and make your post on that topic. Make it more simple to understand for normal users. Use layman terms to explain difficult parts.


For regular articles and pages, writing more than 300 words is good. Because a higher word count helps Google to better understand your content. In general, Google tends to rank articles higher with longer word counts

So, at least a 300-word count is the base.

But this is not always happening. The longer text does not necessarily help in higher ranking. In certain cases, limited word count can give higher rankings.


It is very important to put your keyword in the post’s URL. For example, we identified “10 Best SEO tips for more traffic” as our keyword. Therefore, we included that in this particular post’s URL. By doing this, you generate a keyword count that helps in identifying relevant content.

The most weightage will be given to the domain while ranking but the keyword used in the URL can also help in improving rankings.

These URLs are part of how searchers choose which link to click.


Adding images to content is another best way to boost your ranking. Images are self-explanatory and say more than 1000 words could explain.

Give your images detailed informatory names. Keep your file name descriptive and straightforward.

Alt-Tag- Alternative text that describes the image. If sometimes, browsers could not able to load images then it shows the Alt Text instead.

Nowadays, Google is using a computer vision algorithm along with Alt Tag. This doesn’t mean alt tags are unnecessary or become irrelevant. Alt tag still holds the power to rank keywords. Therefore, pay attention to alt tag and make use of it.


Including your keyword in the title is one of the basic rules. It’s the best actionable SEO tips of all. Title tags must include your focus keyword.

For example, “10 best SEO tips for more traffic” is the focus keyword in this particular post. And the title of the post is also “10 Best SEO tips for more traffic”.

Sometimes, you run out of words or become confused while making a title. In such cases, try to focus keywords as near to the starting of your title as possible.


Category pages basically serve the real purpose for users searching.

Make separate categories for different topics. Optimizing category pages for organic search can be difficult sometimes. But once you categorize, then it makes the task easy.

For starter, Start with Metadata and include your page’s keyword and combine it with the meta description. These tags and meta descriptions are embedded in a site’s code. These are accessed to optimize the content page.


Linking to high-quality sites is another way to generate more traffic for the website.

Link building method is used in Best actionable SEO tips because links are a signal to Google that your is a quality source and provides valuable resources. Therefore, sites with more number of backlinks tend to achieve higher rankings.


Your article should be user-friendly to share. Social media links should be put explicitly for easy sharing.

You must include popular social media sites or their sharing links for the best user experience.

You can share this article on the following media platform just by clicking.


It involves analyzing all pages on our website to check whether they need updating, consolidation, or deletion.

Deletion of broken link pages or redirecting them to existing relevant pages increases more traffic. Therefore, an annual audit for a website is a must for improved rankings.

In each aspect, you must assess every page individually for its value.

You can use WordPress plugins for such audits. Below are the few best plugins for audits.


This is a real SEO technique. A good meta description is key for a higher ranking in Google.

A meta description identifies your page with few lines and a simple explanation. This short explanation appears in search engine results under headlines.

Sometimes snippet from the main body of the text is also pulled in search results.

You can write and check required meta description via these online tool.


These are the 10 Best SEO tips for more traffic and some basic overview of how you can use actionable SEO tips to make most of it. SEO has changed the game for many Web businesses.

I’m working with such entities and I’m confident that it will surely work for you as well.

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