How to get Digital Marketer Job without any Certification

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If you want a fast answer then absolutely Yes!! You can be a Digital Marketer.

But before ruling out certification let’s understand its value and scope for getting Job as Digital Marketer.

First of all, you should know why certification is needed in the first place.
Certification helps in the following manner;

  1. To gain knowledge
  2. To upgrade your existing skills
  3. To prepare your portfolio more valuable and trustworthy
  4. To share our credentials on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Freelancer to acquire more job opportunities


Digital marketing is a dynamic domain; that means it keeps evolving and you need to be aware of the new changes and trends in order to create effective marketing strategies.

Which means you have to upgrade yourself routinely.


Platforms like Google skill shop and Hubspot are considered among the top platforms for providing online certification courses for marketers.

These are the best platforms for Marketing courses cause they design and update their courses according to current Marketing shifts and trends.
If you have certification from renowned platforms and you also have the skill to show in your practical work which yields actual results then it will definitely give you more weight in selection in Job Interview.
The hiring authority can easily identify your potential by looking at your CV.

Now, Coming back to the point.

What if I don’t have a certification; will I get a job?

Absolutely Yes!! Let me Tell You How.

  1. Learn the basic concepts of Digital Marketing from platforms like YouTube/Udemy/Cloud Academy/ or any other which you feel comfortable.
  2. If you love writing, you can start writing about these courses you learned online on platforms like FB, Quora, Blog, etc
  3. You can make videos and share them on platforms like YouTube and grow the channel.
  4. Make your professional profile on sites like LinkedIn, Fiverr and create your portfolio to connect with people of the same field.
  5. You can apply for an internship by sharing your work profile and your work with Agency.
  6. You can apply for an internship without payment if didn’t get paid internship, prefer a digital marketing agency.
  7. Work diligently and be curious to learn new things at work. Try to improve your skillset and knowledge which can ultimately result in a full-time job offer.
  8. Be patient and have at least 6 months experience from any agency and then apply for job opportunities to make the best of your skillset.
  9. Be consistent and don’t lose hope if get rejected or if you didn’t find the right opportunities.
  10. Reiterate your efforts and give some time for it. This will surely land you in a good Job offer.

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